Welcome to Ad-ucation Media

Ad-ucation Media offers alternative ideas to generate revenue for participating school districts.  Schools are facing dire economic challenges and Ad-ucation Media wants to be part of the solution!

About Us

Ad-ucation Media is a cutting edge, state of the art, media company that raises money for school districts. Ad-ucation Media produces, positive, inspirational media messages that are strategically posted in, and around the schools. We then contract with businesses to sponsor, and support the messages by placing there logo on the school message. We then offer creative graphic design services with the assistance of local high school students. The students help participate in the actual planning and implementation of an Ad-ucation Media customer advertising campaign. All of these services are offered at NO COST back to the school districts. Ad-ucation Media is “Positively Creative”

Does School Administration Have Input On Media Sponsors?

Our goal at AD-UCATION MEDIA is to help school districts fund school programs through media sponsorships. Through this process, we will utilize the creative talents of both student and teacher. We guarantee all sponsorships will be done in a tasteful and respectful manner with the best interest of students, teachers, staff, and the general public in mind. We will strive to be the best, most innovative sponsorship fundraising company for all participating school districts.

How Does Ad-Ucation Media Benefit The Students?

All students benefit from the positive messages about appropriate life styles. Many messages are about healthy habits, safe driving, and positive peer relationships. Students also benefit from the services and equipment provided by the funds from Ad-ucation Media sponsorships. 

Mission Statement

Our mission statement at AD-UCATION MEDIA is assisting school districts in creative & innovative funding methods. We will achieve this by strategically placing both static billboards, & digital monitors in, and around the schools. The static billboards, and digital monitors will feature local, regional, & national sponsors generating a revenue share back to the school districts. Ad-ucation Media is “Positively Creative”

Our Team